Instant Credit Card Loan Quick loan

All the benefits in one loan

All the benefits in one loan

An instant credit card loan is one of the preferred types of loans for companies and financial institutions. In fact, most of the entities that apply to customers and offer them various loans condition the receipt of the actual loan on the existence of a credit card in the possession of the borrowers. Who are the financial entities that offer fast loans through credit cards? What is the reason for making the loan conditional on the existence of an active credit card? In the following lines we will discuss the relationship between credit card activity and the ability to raise loans.

Companies and financial institutions that provide loans to credit card holders

In the not so distant past, competition in the lending market was poor. This is despite the fact that the average Israeli takes loans continuously and most of the time includes his monthly expenses and loan repayments from the past. In recent years, however,  has been active in increasing competition in the lending and mortgage market. As of today, an immediate credit card loan can be obtained from the credit companies themselves, from insurance companies and pension funds, and from designated financial entities whose purpose is the granting of loans and credit. The banks also provide loans, and in fact are the dominant players in the field. However, their relative share in this market has been declining steadily for several years.

Instant credit card loan and the importance of card

As noted above, most of the lending entities stipulate receipt of an immediate loan with the lender’s credit card. In fact, it is almost impossible to take loans in the nonbank market in the absence of such a card. The reason for this is twofold: First, it is very easy to find out the financial details of someone who has an active credit card. His credit history is exposed, and in fact it is possible to know quickly whether it is a trusted borrower or a person who has difficulty repaying his debts. The second reason for the demand is the fact that it is easier to charge a credit card, and it is difficult to extricate itself from such a commitment easily. A credit card is tied to a bank account, and canceling the card does not stop the commitment.

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