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Restructuring a company’s loans can reduce its financial burden and allow it to return to an economic equilibrium. Here are some details about this refinancing solution.

The Principle of Credit Restructuring

For business executives who want to anticipate a decline in their company’s activity, credit restructuring appears as an interesting solution.

It is a device that consists of consolidating several loans into one professional credit; it gives rise to a renegotiation of the loan or loans with a view to reducing their interest rate.

This restructuring operation then makes it possible to reduce the monthly expenses of the repayment by lengthening its duration. It is in this sense that this professional refinancing system consolidates the company’s equity, cash flow and working capital.

The Role of the Broker

The Role of the Broker

The loan restructuring process takes place through the purchase of a professional credit or the repurchase of several credits that may concern real estate, equipment, etc., from the financial institutions where they were contracted.

Usually, the business owner solicits a finance intermediary or a loan buyback broker who will be in charge of negotiating with banks to obtain a favorable rate.

Thanks to its address book and its good knowledge of the financial community, this finance intermediary is able to find the best credit restructuring offer for the company.

A Solution for Refinancing Professional Debts

The role of the broker

Unlike a credit buy-back for individuals, the restructuring carried out by a company that wishes, for example, to break down its liabilities is specific.

Its manager is not obliged to redeem all loans that are related to his company. He can select the loans he wants to optimize to reduce his monthly payments and improve his result.

It should also be noted that this approach to buy back professional loans is also a solution for the refinancing of professional debts for SMEs, individual entrepreneurs, craftsmen and liberal professions who are experiencing a difficult financial situation.

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